Sydsvenska, Sweden 20-11-06


"There is no one better than Victor Rubilar.."

Sydsvenska, Sweden 20-11-06


"There is no one better than Victor Rubilar...

City, Stockholm22-22-06


"Victor Rubilar broke a Guinness record!.."

Stockholm, City 02-03-03


"His juggling is beautiful and daring, he keeps five, deep, blue footballs in the air!.."

DN, Stockholm 22-22-06


""Victor Rubilar set a new world record spining a ball on the head..."

Metro, Stockholm 11-11-06


"He broke a new Guinness record..."

Svd, Stockholm 11-08-05


"The artists of the future..."

VN, Gisslaved, 14-10-05


"Victor Rubilar shows that he is the one in control of the footballs..."

SvD, Stockholm 03-06-03

"Victor Rubilar juggles in such a matter that you would think that he has magnets on his head and on his hands!..."

VN, Varnamo 03-06-03


"...He is amomg the best in Europe..."

Cairo, Egypt. January 2007
Cairo, Egypt. January 2007
Cairo, Egypt, January 2007

Metro, Stockholm 19-08-05


"Street performers invaded Hornstull"

Dusseldorf, Germany 18-09-03

Altstadherbst Kulturfestival, Dusseldorf

Ljusdals-Posten, Sweden 02-06-03


"Cool jugglers!"

SN, Sweden 31-05-03


"Many balls!..."

Avesta Tidning, Sweden 02-06-03

"Victor Rubilar is a hyper, super active character that by mistake took an overdose of caffeine. He has way too many balls in the air..."

DN, Stockholm; Sweden 05-06-03

"Victor Rubilar spins footballs on his finger tops with a great and artistic command as charlie Chaplin when he bounces the giant, balloon-like globe in the current popular film classic, The Great Dictator."