03-03-07 I did a show in a club in uppsalla with Burn. The shows are getting better and better. The crew is just great. Now that we did couple of shows together we are starting to have plenty of fun! we will be touring for a while here and there with this show all over Sweden. Hopefuly we will do some shows in Stockholm soon.

28-02-07 I am finally done with the new promo video. It looks great!! I will release it latest the beginning of next week. This time I mixed a bit of performances with tricks. I hope you will like it.

I am done with the shows. I presented 12 sport entertainment shows in the international fair of ITC in Cairo. I was doing the main shows for the biggest telephone company in the Arab world (Etisalat). The shows were just massive! And every show went just better and better. The client was very happy with it and everybody wanted to take a photo with me after the shows. I don’t think I have signed so many autographs in any event before.
The press was following the shows everyday and the Egyptian National Team went to see the show the second day. I was in the news paper three days in a row and on TV. After the employees of Etisalat saw the show they told about it to the Vice President of the company and he flew all the way from Dubai to come to see my show.
I really hope I will be working with this company in the future again and I think it might just happen that I will be back to Egypt soon!
Click the photos to enlarge.

Today I saw the pyramids! I have been wanting to see them since I was little. That is the good thing of this carrier. One gets to travel around the world and get to know different cultures and places. I love it!

Arrived last night to Stockholm after a 10 hour trip from Åre. We had some great shows there. Now ith Burn we will keep the tour around Sweden. Today I am leaving to Egypt!

29-01-07 Leaving tomorrow morning to Åre to do the last shows over there. After this we will continue with the Swedish tour. It seems the shows are going to be big this time because of that the VM (world cup) is taking place these day in Åre.

29-01-07 Confirmed! I will be performing in El Cairo, Egypt! I will be presenting my sport enternaiment concept. I will do 12 shows.

26-01-07 To all of you who sent mails asking for new photos, I finally put loads of them in the photo section of the page.

24-01-07 We did the shows in Åre in Diplomat. Peter Siepen was the one in charge of playing the music. He is a really cool Dj and a nice guy I must say.

16-01-07 Did the shows in at the club Diplomat. The place was more that full of people and we got a great response. I am looking forward to come back next week!

13-01-07 Getting ready the last few details for the shows that I will be presenting in Åre, Sweden. Two shows this week on Tuesday and Wednesday, 2 shows next week and the week after that. I will be back on thursday to Stockholm.

10-01-07 Finally back in Stockholm after a dream time in Dubai. I will be performing next week in Åre some shows together with Coca Cola. I just got a mail from Belgium and I will be performing in a place called Ieper at the end of March. Loads of shows in January and seems that February will not be any less busy for me.

07-01-07 So much has been going on here in Dubai! I have done 14 shows already, I have been performing in live Tv in a place call Global Village and they will play parts of my show on Indian TV! Incredible people here in Dubai! Got loads of friends and the client is more than happy. We already having conversations to come back to do some more shows during the year.

04-01-07 I have change location of my shows. New place and here is even bigger crowds! Amazing shows! I am so happy I came tp Dubai! Hopefully I will be coming back soon.

03-01-07 I have done 6 shows already here in Dubai. This place is just amazing! people has been really nice, big crowds and great response from the audience. Here they love football!

01-01-07 I arrived to Dubai. I spent the Ney Year on the airplane flyingsomewhere above Iraq! Just arrived here. It was a long trip but I am looking forward to do the shows!

20-12-06 I was just chatting with my good friend Mattias Jönsson and he showed me his new video. It is such a cool juggling/skateboard video!! You got to see this!! click here to see the video

19-12-06 Preparing the last details to leave to Dubai. I will be performing 16 shows over there. I will be presenting the street concept of my solo show. I think it is going to be a great beggining for 2007! Also I have had some meeting today with UMG and we are organizing the tour for next year with Coca Cola. It sounds like we are going to be doing loads of shows.

14-12-06 Today I got the diplomas from Guinness Records! I also got a video that they made from the event that I did with them in Stockholm. I will be putting it online tomorrow or latest at the beginning of next week. It is a longer version than what they showed on TV and it will be out in a much better video quality than the one that is already on the net.

09-12-06 Now we are in Malmö continuing with our tour. we presented our show in a club call "Tunnel". It was such a cool place. It look like a bunker on the inside. The shows are going really smooth right now. Great fun with the shows and I just find it really cool to have Mikael Lindström in my crew. He is just a nice guy to perform with. But the one I really need to mention is Gabriella. She is the nicest girl to work with. Such a great smile!! and very positive artist.

08-12-06 Me and my crew started our Swedish tour! I was performing in a club call "Parking Lane". The shows were much better than I saw it was going to be and we all had great fun doing them. There is something with Gothenburg, I don't know what it is, but I just love performing here! people are so cool, it is like people has more fun in Gothenburg! It is a pity that we stay for only one day. Tomorrow we got to keep on going with the tour. We will be heading to Malmö, Sweden.

07-12-06 Last night the shows in Cafe Opera went great! We were launching a new Coca Cola product call "Burn". It is a new energy drink that is the strongest of it kind. The show was made by DJ Sanchez, Two dancers from the TV program Floor Filler, models, my good friend Mikael Lindström and me. I got the task of organizing the shows. I manage to put an excellent team together and it was just a big party! Now we start with the tour. Tomorrow we will perform in Gothenburg on Saturday in Malmö.

06-12-06 Tonight we have the premiere of the show with Coca Cola. We, together with United Media Group, have organize an Ibiza concept for the show with loads of skills, dancers, models and great music! Come and take a look at Cafe Opera Tonight from 21:00.

04-12-06 I was checking The Guinness World records website and I saw that they wrote a little thing about the event we did in Sweden. They put a photo of all the people who broke the records. Click here to see that page.

04-12-06 On Wednesday I will be performing in Cafe Opera! A big show has been organize with dancers, models, circus artists and me. I will be doing a Swedish tour together with Coca Cola during next year. We are going to do a total of 66 shows. On Friday we go to Gothenburg and Saturday we go to Malmö.

30-11-06 Today is the 20th birthday of a very special person. Happy birthday Carro!!!

20-11-06 Great reviews from the show I have done in Helsinborg! (click on the photo to enlarge)

For those who do not speak Swedish it says something like:

“There is no one in the world better than Victor Rubilar juggling footballs. Or spining footballs in the head or at rolling balls from ear to ear...”

06-11-06 After a great success in the shows in Gallerian I have been invited to do my show again with Guinness World Records in Helsinborg, Sweden. I will be attempting to break my own records and perform a show.

04-11-06 I just broke 3 Guinness World Records!! This was a perfect day! I managed to break every record I attempted and the show was great! Thanks to all the people that showed up to see the records!!! (there was 1000´s of people!). Click here to see the video from Aftonbladet TV.

03-11-06 On the 4th of November I will attempt to break 3 Guinness records in Gallerian, Stockholm. Record attempts at: 12.30 and 15.00. The show will be at 16.00. Hope to see you there!

Metro, City and Svenska Dagbladet was covering the event at Täby Centrum. They published some nice photos in their newspapers! Click on the photos to enlarge.

Today I managed to break a Guinness World Record on the first attempt! The record was to spin a ball on the forehead for as long as possible: I did 19,64 second!!!

On the 29th of October I will be performing for Guinness World Records in Täby Centrum at 14 o´clock.

Confirmed!! I will be performing on an event with Guinness Records!! On the 4th of November I will attempt to break a world record. I will attempt to:

* Keep a spinning football while balance it on the forehead for as long as possible.

Let’s see how it works! Come and see the show at Gallerian in Stockholm on Saturday the 4th of November. The event will start at 11.00 and will go on until 16:30.

I will be giving away some footballs and postcards!

For those who can’t come and see it I will be making a video of the whole thing. Take a look on the website after the event to see the video.

The video is almost ready. I will be releasing it at some point in October hopefully.

I just went off the phone with Guinness Record Company and it seems I will be breaking some new Guinness World Records in November. I will attempt to break the records in Sweden and I will be doing some shows together with them as well.

Little filming for the new freestyle video coming soon.

My freestyle video has been shown on TV in Spanish television! This video has been seen for over 3.000.000 people around the globe. I have been making a little research and I found out that there is over a 100 football related websites showing the video.

Nice shows in Paris

I just came back from a party we made in Vinterviken. I got to say I am more than happy that so many people came! Thanks Mike, Mathias Lindström, Anton, Linn, Little Petter, Robin, Viktor, Miku, Olle, Jay Gilligan, Andreas, Andreas sister, Malin, Thomas and the list is long! But if you came to the party I just want to say thank you for helping us to have so much fun!
Victor & Carro! =O)

Today I finally released the promo video of my new street show! Take a look to it in the video section of the site. Hope you enjoy it! =O)

Filming some more clips for the new video coming soon!

Already done over 50 shows in the last 2 months!

Just left from the Festival of Sharbeutz, Germany. Very good shows. Great organization! Nice after parties at the backstage bar!

Nick Pycke is in town! We made some great shows at Boggatan 69! We rock some huge shows! Incredible crows and a really funny show!

Thanks all the fans and family for contacting on my birthday! Great day, fun party. I had a great night together with Jouni, Mikko, Tommy, Andreas and Manu!

Performing in Burg, Germany. A great festival looks like. I will be here for a few days and then back to Copenhagen to do some more shows before coming back to Germany to another festival.

I will be heading to Göteborg to do some stage and street shows. I will be staying there for around 4 or 5 days. Come and see the shows! I will be performing in Avenyn during the nights. (In front of the Systembolaget).

Back in Stockholm to keep on shooting my new freestyle video. It is looking really good! In the video will be some really cool new tricks!

Back in Denmark. This time I am presenting my street show “Offside”. I will be staying here for a week.

Back in Stockholm for a few days. I have been shooting some clips for my new video that will be release some moment in September.

I just finished a few really cool shows here in Sweden. I will be traveling to Denmark in the next few days. I will be presenting my football number in five different shows.

Some pages have been changed in the site. Take a look around to see them!

Just came back from the party in Café Opera! I ended up in some nice after party and let me say this has been one of the best nights in a while!

Last show with the +Challenge of Adidas. It went perfectly. I have to say this whole tour has been one of the best in a long time. Great crew and everybody have been really nice. Great audiences and specially I have to say thanks to all the fans that has been supporting in the shows and that have sent so many mails and left so many nice messages in the guest book.

Today and tomorrow I will be performing together with Adidas in Stockholm, Sweden. Come and take a look to the shows in Kungsträdgården. The Shows are at 12:00 and 15:00 both days on the big stage. I will be giving away around 600 footballs or more. So if you come around you will probably go back home with a good looking football. See ya there!

Back in Stockholm for just a few days. I had some incredible time there in Norway! Good shows, great audience and really nice weather. A highlight of the event was that I got to meet again Morten Gamst Pedersen. He is a nice guy I got to say. All the Adidas and UMG crew were really friendly and I think we all had a great time. By the way, happy birthday Tomas!
I promise I will be adding some photos of all the shows today or tomorrow. Until then, go and take a look at: http://www.adidas.com/campaigns/sechallenge/content/dk/hgallery.html
There you can see photos of the event I did in Denmark.

Tomorrow my crew and I are leaving to Oslo, Norway to keep on performing with Adidas. I will be doing shows on Saturday and Sunday.

The shows in Copenhagen went great! Really good response from the audience and flawless shows. We were giving away 600 footballs during two days! Soon I will be putting some videos of the new show in the site.

Next Saturday I will be performing in Denmark, Copenhagen. I will do a show together with Adidas. As soonest I get the times and place I will be performing I will let you know. I am looking forward to start my world tour! It actually already started last weekend in France and if everything goes fine it seems I will be traveling to: China, Indonesia, Dubai, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland and other 5 countries! It is going to be fun to do so many shows in so many countries!

The show went incredible! It is such a huge experience to work in front of 80.000 people! Everything went fine. No mistakes and I was actually calm. I had so much fun!

I will be performing on the 22nd of April in the final of the French football cup! The show will be in the football field in front of 80.000 people. You can see the show in the TV channel Eurosport.

It is confirmed! I will be performing with Adidas promoting their new campaign +Challenge. I will be performing in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland with them.

Finally the guest book is up and running! Click here to sign the guest book.

Feliz cumple mama!!

New photos added to the site. Click here to see them.

The freestyle video has been seen for over 150.000 people during the last month! Wow, this blows away for far what I was expecting when I first made that video. In total it has been over 200.000 or even more people that watched the video since released. I even had to upgrade my web host last month. I am writing this post with a smile in my face =O) Once again thanks for all the good comments about the video.

Thanks for all the fan mails I have been receiving lately! It is an honor for me to receive them and you have no idea how much it helps for motivation and inspiration. Once again: thanks for your support! =O) I haven’t been able to answer them all yet, but I am doing it everyday. So if I haven’t reply to you yet I will really soon.

Next Friday the Giraff Scen show will take place in Orion. If you want to have a nice time, come to see this show. I have been talking with some of the performers and it seems it will be a pretty intense show. www.orionteatern.se

I have been invited to perform at the British Juggling Convention! It is not 100% set yet but I think it will work just fine.

I have been invited to perform my show "Off side" at two festivals in Germany in July and August. My summer tour is starting to look quite nice. I will let you know more exact dates when I know them my self.

I was presenting "Off side" at Södertörns university. It was a flawless show (no drops) =O) Great audience! And it was one of those shows were everything just goes well. I would like to thank Matias for his help and support.

New promo video in the site. You can click here to see it this video is from my new production "off side". I have been performing it here in Stockholm a few times and it has been going really well! Hope to be able to arrange a tour with it in the near future. Some negotiations are going on at the moment. Hopefully I will be performing here in Sweden and may be somewhere else in Europe. I will post some more info when I have any confirmation.

Merry Christmas!

There has been the premiere party for the juggling video '9-1 Nordic objects'. I am presenting a few tricks and routines in that video. You can take a look to the trailer at: ttp://www.visionbot.com

I just finished the show at Orion theater. It was a wonderful show. Thanks to all the audience that came for all your claps and support!

I broke a Guinness record! I spinned a ball on my head for 16.62 seconds!

Performing at Cafe opera in a show with Circus Cirkör in Sweden.

I have been performing in Norway in the Saudi football cup. It was an incredible experience. Great show and great audience.

Performing in Globen arena together with the company Infront Sport.

I have been filming the video for the launching of the new Puma collection.

Confirm! I will be working with Puma in the next few days!

I just finished a football show. I was performing in a show together with Tommy Svenson (He was the coach of Swedish national team when they got the bronze medal in the world cup 1994).

Back in Denmark doing a few more street shows.

I’m performing in Budapest, Hungary in the biggest festival in Europe! (Zsiget Festival).

I’m done with the Show with the National Theatre of Sweden. The show was a complete success! We were sold out every show and got great reviews.

Back in Stockholm. Starting rehearsals for the show with the national theatre.

I left to Gothenburg, Sweden to keep on doing street shows. The show is going really well!

I started to do street shows in Copenhagen, Denmark

I have been performing in a show for Puma together with PELE!

I have met the Argentinean president!!

I will be performing in Berlin together with other circus artists and Bounce in a show for Puma!

I’m leaving to Belgium to perform in a Street festival that will take place between the 1st and the 3rd of April.

Today is my mother’s birthday! Feliz cumple mama!!

Started rehearsals for the event I will be performing together with Bounce and other circus artists. We are going to be doing a show for Puma.

I have been performing in Gothenburg, Sweden in the Nordic Juggling convention. I performed with the show "Money-Pulation" and I have been doing a workshop for jugglers.

I took part in a commercial for Coca Cola!! It is going to be release in Norway during the month of May.

I have been performing in Sheffield, England, with my show "Money-Pulation"!

We had premier with our show! We performed in Orion Theatre. It went really good!

Confirmed!! I’m going to Sheffield, England to perform with my latest show "Money-Pulation". To those who are around come and see the show. It will take part in the Shefcon juggling festival.

My promo material is soon ready! Next week I will be sending it. I’m going to be putting a part of the new promo video on this site in around 2 weeks.

I’m going to be performing on the 28th and may be the 29th of March in the Nordic Juggling Convention in Gothenburg, Sweden.

It is confirmed! I’m going to be performing with the show Money-Pulation in Orion Theatre (Sweden)on the 4th of March. If you are around come and see it! It’s going to be good.

After a lot of troubles finally the goodlookinjugglers.com web site is up and running!

We have just finished the new site!!!! (At 5 am in the morning!) Take a look to at goodlookingjugglers.com

I have finished rehearsing my new show! I will be performing around the end of January with it! I will let you know as soonest I confirm the dates.

Traveled to Finland to finish the rehearsals with my partner Jouni Temonen.

I have been performing in Huriarut (a finish Christmas show) as a special guest!

Last time we play the show in Stockholm (Hallunda).

Quick trip and we will go to Arjeplog for one show.

All the way up to the North Pole!! Performing in Jokkmokk (really up north in Sweden).

One show in Storuman

Great shows in lycksele!

Continuing with the Swedish tour, now in Vilhelmina.

Performing in Borgholm with 'En liten förestelning om fotboll'

My new solo show is almost finished! I will be performing it in Riksteatern in around one and a half months.

We have had two shows already and started the Swedish tour.

Premiere with the show 'En liten förestelningen om fotbol'!!!. It was a success! We got very good reviews!

Press photo shooting with the production I am working at the moment (Riksteatern).

I have been working in a Swedish movie that will be play in cinemas during April 2005.

I started rehearsals for a new production about football together with the National Theater of Sweden (Riksteatern).

I been participating in the International Festival of Sol y Circo in Sylt and got the W.Y.N.A special award!!

I was participating in two Adidas competitions and ladies and gentleman... I won both!!!

I had been interviewed for the Swedish radio NRJ in relation with the Adidas competition. I had been recording a spot for the competition. You can listen to the radio on the 105.5 fm.

I been competing in a competition made by Adidas where you have to do as many kicks with a footballs as possible in 5 minutes. I made 725! So for now I am in the first position. Next Saturdays are the finals. Let’s see if I win.

I was accepted for a festival in Germany, Sylt!!! This is an excerpt from the mail I received from them: "Dear Victor, We are happy to inform you about your participation in the SOLyCIRCO- Festival on the beautiful island Sylt. 146 applicants from 24 different nations wanted to take part in our first festival." 20 of them have been accepted... and I am one of them!!!

Check their site at: http://www.inselcircus.de/circusmignon.php?lid=7

We are leaving tomorrow to the Nordic convention. If you have time I would recommend you to take a look to this page: http://jugglemaster.net/nordic/ and if you can come to the convention do it! It promises to be quite cool. It's going to be Jay, Denis, Kristian Wanvik, Jouni Temomen, Me and some other people.

I had been performing in the city hall of Stockholm. Nice looking party!


We finished with the shows in Orion Theatre. Now I am officially a professional circus artist! I have finished my three years education program in Cirkus Cirkör!

Yesterday went really good. Much better we expected!

We have premiere for the Diploma show in my school. Hope it goes fine. We are going to do three shows in Orion theatre.