Born in 1980, I didn't have any interest on performing until the age of 15. By chance, I got interested in a rather boring book about math and magic. It took me only one week to decide to drop my dream of becoming an architect and I started my artistic career as a magician. After only 4 months I was already performing for clients of my mother's company. After a year I started performing in events, mostly with the help of my friend and mentor at that time, Mariano De Felipe. Once again, by chance, I was introduced to the contemporary circus world by another good friend and I started to juggle just as a hobby. After a year I was already doing street shows in various locations in Argentina .

In the year 2000 I started to train with footballs and my father introduced me to the Swedish school of contemporary circus arts, Cirkus Cirkör in Stockholm Sweden and the school's three-year, advanced course, CircusPilots. In my first attempt to get into the school I didn't completely succeed. I made the reserve list but didn't manage to get a place in the school. Only sixteen applicants from around the world are accepted each year. So I had to go back to Argentina , where I trained for an entire year, 7 hours a day, six times a week in acrobatics and juggling, with private training by a very well-known Russian instructor (Alexandre Posdniakov). After a year of this hardcore training, I came back to Sweden again and in my second attempt, I was accepted to the school with no problems and became the first and only South American ever to study at this prestigious Swedish school of contemporary circus art.

I am specialized in juggling, floor acrobatics, teaching, organizing shows and events and have a general knowledge of acting, dancing, trapeze, etc. During my three years at the school I performed in two very successful shows (Pieces and Miss.Lyckad) in many cities in Europe . These shows were professional productions with a troupe of between eleven to sixteen performers. Every summer I have been working doing street shows and open air events in Sweden and Spain . In the spring of 2004 I have performed in the "Diploma Show" for my class at the Orion Theater in Stockholm and I have received my diploma in Contemporary Circus performance and Teaching in June 2004. Nowadays I work as a free lance artist in events, shows, etc. and recently have signed a contract to perform in a play -physical theater- with Riksteatern (Swedish National Theatre) during the autumn season 2004.This production will tour throughout Sweden .

I have also been accepted for 2005 at the university of Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts in Perth , Australia for a three-year bachelors degree, which is a wonderful opportunity and honor. Whether I take this opportunity depends on the development on my performing and on my acting in the context of Physical Theater.