"Extremely Impressive!



"His fingers are as agile as Joe Labero's"

-Sara Trus, Journalist


"He is among the best in Europe"



"The only in Scandinavia that juggles five footballs"...

-Fotball Magazine


Circus Pilot Victor Rubilar spins footballs on his finger tops with as great and artistic command as Charlie Chaplin when he bounces the giant, balloon-like globe in the current popular film classic, 'The Great Dictator'.

-Pia Huss, Dagens Nyheter


Victor Rubilar, a real hyper, over-active character, who by mistake has consumed too much coffeine and constantly has a little too much going on in his life… The juggling is beautifull and daring, he keeps five, deep, blue footballs in the air!

-Kajsa Heinemann, Allehanda


Victor Rubilar juggles in such a manner that you would think that he has magnets in his hands and on his head!

-Lars Ring, Svenska Dagbladet