Confirm! I will be working with Puma in the next few days!


I just finished a football show. I was performing in a show together with Tommy Svenson (He was the coach of Swedish national team when they got the bronce medal in the world cup 1994).


Back in Denmark doing a few more street shows.


Im performing in Budapest, Hungary in the biggest festival in Europe! (Zsiget Festival).


Im done with the Show with the national theatre of Sweden. The show was a complete success! We were sold out every show and got great reviews.


Back in Stockholm. Starting rehearsals for the show with the national theatre.


I left to Göteborg, Sweden to keep on doing street shows, The show is going really well!


I started to do street shows in Copenhagen, Denmark


I Have been performing in a show for Puma together with PELE!


I have met the Argentinian president!!


I will be performing in Berlin together with other circus artists and Bounce in a show for Puma!


Im leaving to Belgium to perform in a Street festival that will take place between the 1st and the 3rd of april.


Today is my mothers birthday! Feliz cumple mama!!


Started rehearsalls for the event I will be performing together with Bounce and other circus artists. We are going to be doing a show for Puma.


I have been performing in Göteborg, Sweden in the Nordic Juggling convention. I performed with the show "Money-Pulation" and I have been doing a workshop for jugglers.


I took part in a commercial for Coca Cola!! It is going to be release in Norway during the month of may.


I have been performing in Sheffield, England, with my show "Money-Pulation"!


We had premier with our show! We performed in Orion Theatre. It went really good!


Confirmed!! Im going to Sheffield, England to perform with my latest show "Money-Pulation". To those who are around come and see the show. It will take part in the shefcon juggling festival.


My promo material is soon ready!. Next week I will be sending it. Im going to be putting a part of the new promo video on this site in around 2 weeks.


Im gonna be performing on the 28th and may be the 29th of march in the Nordic Juggling Convention in Göthemburg, Sweden.


It is confirm!, Im gonna be performing with the show Money-Pulation in Orion Theatre (Sweden)on the 4th of march. If you are around come and see it! its gonna be good.


After a lot of truobles finally the goodlookinjugglers.com web site is up and running!


We have just finished the new site!!!! (at 5 am in the morning!) take a look to at goodlookingjugglers.com


I have finished to rehearse my new show! I will be performing aournd the end of January with it! I will let you know as soonest I confirm the dates.


Travelled to finland to finish the rehearsalls with my partner Jouni Temonen.


I have been performing in huriarut (a finish christmas show) as a special guest!


Last time we play the show in Stockholm (Hallunda).

Quick trip and we will go to Arjeplog for one show.


All the way up to the north pole!! Performing in Jokkmokk (really up north in Sweden).


One show in Storuman


Great shows in lycksele!


Continuing with the swedish tour, now in Vilhelmina.


Performing in Borgholm with 'En liten förestelning om fotboll'

My new solo show is almost finished! I will be performing it in Riksteatern in around one and a half months.


We have had two shows already and started the swedish tour.


Premiere with the show 'En liten förestelningen om fotbol'!!!. It was a succes! We got very good reviews!


Press photo shooting with the production I am working at the moment (Riksteatern).


I have been working in a swedish movie that will be play in cinemas during april 2005.


I started rehearsals for a new production about football together with the National Theater of Sweden (Riksteatern).

30/7/2004 I been participating in the International Festival of Sol y Circo in Sylt and got the W.Y.N.A special award!!


I was participating in two Adidas competitions and ladies and gentleman... I won both!!!


I been interviewed for the swedish radio NRJ in relation with the Adidas competition. I been recording a spot for the competition. You can listen to the radio on the 105.5 fm.


I been compiting in a competition made by Adidas where you have to do as many kicks with a footballs as possible in 5 minutes. I made 725! So for now I am in the first position. Next saturdays are teh finals. Lets see if I win.



I was accepted for a festival in Germany, Sylt!!! This is an excerpt from the mail I received from them: "Dear Victor, We are happy to inform you about your participation in the SOLyCIRCO- Festival on the beautiful island Sylt. 146 applicants from 24 different nations wanted to take part in our first festival." 20 of them have been accepted... and I am one of them!!!

Check their site at: http://www.inselcircus.de/circusmignon.php?lid=7


We are leaving tomorrow to the nordic convention. If you have time I would recomend you to take a look to this page: http://jugglemaster.net/nordic/ and if you can come to the convention do it! It promise to be quite cool. It's going to be Jay, Denis, Kristian Wanvik, Jouni Temomen, Me and some other people.


I been performing in the city hall of Stockholm. Nice looking party!.


We finished with the shows in Orion Theatre. Now I am officialy a professional circus artist! I have finished my three years education program in Cirkus Cirkör!


Yesterday went really good. Much better we spected!


We have premiere for the Diploma show in my school. Hope it goes fine. we are going to do three shows in Orion theatre.