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Victor Rubilar

Started his artistic carrier by chance or probably by destiny at the age of 15. Trained and performed magic during four years until at the age of 19 decided to turn to the circus world. Started training juggling as a hobby but just after few months realized that this was what he wanted to do.

In the year 2000 found out about Cirkus Cirkör and traveled all the way to Sweden to do an audition to try to get in to a school that would give him the chances he did not have as an artist in Argentina. After failing his first attempt to get into the school he went back to Argentina and decided to train during a whole year with the best trainer he could find in acrobatics (Alexandre Posdniakov, three time world champion in acrosport) and juggling. After one year of hard training he managed to get in easily into Cirkus Cirkör's school (Cirkus Piloterna). After three years of education in the Cikus Cirkör School got completely bored of art and decide to call him self a performer.


Jouni Temonen

Started with juggling at the age of 12. First it was a hobby but soon it became a full time training career. In the year 2000 heard about a new circus school in Sweden where he could learn in a professional way more about juggling and acrobatics. Until he finally was kick out of the school for a reason that haven't been determinate yet. There is a rumor that it was because he have had an affair with the producer of the school, some because he was too good. Probably no body will never know.