Video Games Marketing


So when you start thinking of your game, think about how its going to get peoples, and journalists and youtubers, and streamers attention and why they want to find out more about it. In a way, the marketing starts from the moment you prototype. So, you might be asking yourself what’s a hook then? Well, in simple terms, it is that elusive thing that will make people want to pay attention.

It’s the little “oo, that’s interesting” or “hmmmm, ok, thats cool”. And the very first hook is your game’s title. So, let’s think about some of the popular indie games that are doing the rounds. What comes to mind? To me, I’m thinking of Ooblets, Super Meat Boy Forever, Untitled Goose Game. You can argue that from the get go, just buy hearing these names, you are hooked, or at least interested, and want to find out a bit more about these games.

Now, imagine if it’s the opposite, and you are presented with some generic titles like “Sunshine” or “Fire Sword” – do they really hook you in? Do they make you go “fuck yeah, what is this?! ?” If the answer is no, then perhaps you should think about how you can spruce up the VERY first thing that people will hear about your game adn about online gambling site Casinoslots Ireland.

Another hook that you should think about right in the beginning of your production process is the premise of your game. Let’s take Untitled Goose Game again. Now, I won’t hide it – I love this game, as it has hooks coming out left, right, and center. First up, you have a great title that makes you go “wth?? is this”, and then you hear the game’s premise. You play as a goose (sick!)

and the goose itself is an asshole – how great is that!!! If you tell this premise to someone else, I guarantee that they will go “ok, tell me more!” with a bonus smile on their face. Another hook that you can use is music. Maybe you have an unusual style of music placed in your game, such as bigband or jazz music in your shooter. Or perhaps the music is composed by a musician AND you use music from the hottest underground electronic music artist, like the soundtrack to the game Furi. So think about the music that you will have, and see how you can spruce up the score so to speak.

Let’s keep going. Remember how before Red Dead Redemption 2 came out, one of the biggest stories on that game was how the horses balls shrink in winter? yeah, I remember the hype for that too.

Now, this isn’t a feature or a gameplay element. It’s actually nothing of importance when you really think about it. It doesn’t really change the game looks or ow it feels.

But, this little hook, to me was genius because it made people go: “OHM God, there’s soooo much detail in this game that horses balls shrink. Can you imagine all the other shit you can to do!?! ?” Now, I understand.

You might not have the budget that Rockstar has (does anyone do? ), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t implement a not-so pointless hook in your game as well. Maybe your day and night cycle inside your game is based on the users real-life time. Or maybe if a player gets enough combos in your game, the pad will shake soo hard it can break someones wrist. Or an in-game story will go in a certain direction based on how players all over the world play. Now, should you implement this in your game?