Video Games Marketing

So when you start thinking of your game, think about how its going to get peoples, and journalists and youtubers, and streamers attention and why they want to find out more about it. In a way, the marketing starts from the moment you prototype. So, you might be asking yourself what’s a hook then? Well, […]

The Land Of Whispers Korea

North Korea is sometimes called the land of whispers; people don’t say things out in the open. They generally whisper to each other and then quickly walk away! It’s one of the most secretive places on Earth, it’s one of the most isolated countries on Earth, and as a visitor you much experience the same […]

What NOT to do in LAS VEGAS

Good morning Tangerineys from Las Vegas, Nevada. We are normally living in Mexico, specifically in the state of Quintana Roo but we made a quick trip to Vegas to have some fun. And while we’re here, we are going to tell you some mistakes that you should not make in Vegas, all of which we’ve […]